ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear

ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear is the single most suitable material for Covid-19 protection.

ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear offers the highest optical transparency and chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants compared to other transparent plastic materials.

ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear is the highest quality Cast Acrylic Sheet available in the market. It is made from 100% virgin MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) ensuring that the highest quality product is achieved. It can be easily thermoformed, cut, drilled, bent, machined, engraved, polished and glued.


  • Superior optical clarity with no distortion

ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear has >92% Light Transmission (highest amongst all polymers and plastics) and no optical distortion from every angle of view (better than extruded acrylic sheet).

  • Excellent chemical resistance

ASTARIGLAS® Crystal Clear has a very high molecular weight (about 3-4 times higher than extruded acrylic sheet).
Hence it has an excellent chemical resistance which allows the material to be safely cleaned and sanitized
by most disinfectants and cleaning agents without degrading the quality.

  • Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents:

– Sodium Hypochloride
– Hydrogen Peroxide
– Mercuric Chloride
– Soap solution
– Ethyl Alcohol <50%
– Petroleum Ether

* ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear is also resistant to household bleach such as Clorox, Domestos etc.

  • Good impact resistance and does not easily break

ASTARIGLAS® Crystal Clear is lightweight (half the weight of glass) and about 17 times more impact resistant compared to glass.

  • Easy to fabricate, assemble and to install

ASTARIGLAS® Crystal Clear can be easily fabricated by a conventional table saw, drill, and routers. It also can be easily glued, bent and thermoformed to any shapes.

  • Non-Toxic and comply to

Compare ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear with other transparent plastic materials

Compare ASTARIGLAS® GP Crystal Clear with other transparent plastic materials